Moore’s Law

The computer chip has evolved from a simple integrated circuit to a microprocessor with millions of transistors. Read more at Technology Review.

Preventing Customers from Getting Stressed Out

Measuring people’s physical reactions helps companies improve the user experience. The restaurant chain Boston Market had a problem: it couldn’t figure out why people weren’t returning even though they said they liked the food. When customers were surveyed, they themselves couldn’t articulate why they didn’t come back. Read more at Technology Review.

Workplace Robots Need a Better View

Robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks says a new generation of industrial robots could be enabled by better machine vision. Read more at Technology Review.

Safer Robots Will Improve Manufacturing

Robots have been considered too unpredictable and dangerous to work alongside humans in factories. Advances in artificial sensing and motion could change that. Read more at Technology Review.

Stretched Nerve ‘Bridges’ Trigger Repair

Researchers have shown that artificially stretched nerve “bridges” can guide the natural regrowth of damaged nerve tissue in rats. This technique may eventually provide an effective treatment for people who suffer nerve damage as a result of injury or surgery. Read more at Technology Review.