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The Science of Aging

In this cover feature, I write about scientists who are exploring the mysteries of aging from a variety of angles. The piece won the 2019 Excellence in Journalism Awards “Best of Show” for magazine entry and “First Place” for feature writing in the science/biotech devision.


What’s Happening to Your DNA Data?

In this cover story, I explore the relatively unknown pitfalls consumers face with DNA testing.


Nanorobotics in Medicine

This IEEE feature story provides an overview on various efforts in nanomedicine.

Nanobots attacking cancer cells


Healthcare Hacked

In the May/June 2016 cover feature for IEEE Pulse, I explore how the healthcare industry is seeing an increase in cyber attacks.


The Body Metric

From skin conductance to brain waves, this IEEE article explores how the measurement of physiological functions play a growing role in everyday consumer technology.


Solar Impact

In Solar Impact (pdf), the cover feature story of the March 2009 issue of Sky & Telescope, I outline what scientists know about the mysterious ebb and flow of sunspot cycles and how these changes may have influenced Earth’s climate in the past. Even the basic functions of the Sun are still an enigma to us, making solar research one of the most fascinating–and sometimes controversial–fields out there.

Solar Impact won the 2010 American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division Award for Popular Writing for “carefully and thoroughly summariz[ing] the scientific understanding of how the Sun influences the Earth’s climate, with reader-friendly writing, illustrations, and pictures.”

Sky & Telescope, March 2009

Top Innovators Under 35

I profiled roboticist Andrea Thomaz and her robot, Simon, as part of the 2009 MIT “35 Top Innovators Under 35” list and featured on the cover of Technology Review’s September/October 2009 issue.


Understanding Pathways of Calorie Restriction: A Way to Prevent Cancer?

In this piece for the National Cancer Institute, published April 2008, I cover research on the potential benefits of calorie restriction, including cancer prevention (JNCI).


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