Kristina Grifantini, MS, is an award-winning science communicator with over a decade of experience in sharing stories related to biomedicine and technology. She uses a variety of best practices from the fields of journalism, marketing, magazine production and digital storytelling to convey science in engaging and accurate ways to the public, media, donors and other audiences.

Aside from developing print, digital and multimedia scientific content, she has written hundreds of science articles.

Education + Experience
Boston University | Sarah Lawrence College
Columbia University | M.I.T. Technology Review | National Institute for Children’s Health Quality | Salk Institute for Biological Studies

writing | editing | social marketing | project management
communications strategy | digital media | video and multimedia production
magazine production | press outreach and events

medicine | biology | technology | robotics | computing | public health

Huffington Post | Journal of the National Cancer Institute | IEEE Pulse
LiveScience | Technology Review | Sky & Telescope | Alzheimer Research Forum

Media Placement
The New York Times | Wall Street Journal | Washington Post
Discover | Popular Science | TIME | USA Today | LA Times | BBC
NPR | Scientific American | The Guardian | PBS | WIRED

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